I’m a fan of news. I enjoy watching, reading, and listening to it. Of course, you can only consume so much of it. For every story, there are potentially endless news organizations and publications that are covering it in their own way. If you just listen to what a particular source has to say, then you’re probably not getting the whole story. Newsy is a great resource for those of us who are busy and want to see a story covered as completely as possible in just a couple minutes.

This site provides videos about some of the latest and hottest news stories, and just like with most television news programs, an anchor is used to help cover the story. However, when you watch one of the videos, you’ll see how the coverage is different. Instead of approaching a story in their own unique way, they use existing coverage from television, newspapers, magazines, and even blogs to give you the big picture. In a couple minutes, you’ll know more about a story from Newsy than you would if you used that time in any other way.