You don’t hear much about Yahoo these days, after the company inked a deal with Microsoft. So when Samsung and Yahoo inked a deal where Yahoo would be pre-loaded on million of phones, it makes one think that maybe Yahoo has died. According to some sources this is a reaffirmation of an agreement between the two companies that goes back to 2007, before the Microsoft deal.

One article states:

An exclamation-point-riddled email from a Yahoo spokesperson says that “Samsung will distribute Yahoo! services, including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Front Page, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Flickr, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Contacts, Yahoo! Calendar, and Yahoo! Weather on Samsung’s mobile devices globally, currently planned to begin in May 2010.”

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A Yahoo-Samsung deal makes a lot of sense. Yahoo lacks strong wireless carrier relationships. Samsung doesn’t have a star smartphone. Putting the two together gives Yahoo outstanding placement in the world’s pockets, and makes Samsung’s phones Internet-friendly right out of the box, no app downloads required.

Yahoo’s voice-driven mobile search, which is optimized for the sort of searches that mobile users make the most — restaurants, movies, air travel, businesses — will probably be competitive to Google among Samsung phone owners. There’s no placement like default placement.

But will this deal be enough to get Yahoo back in the limelight? I don’t believe it will. Google is too entrenched to be pushed aside.

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