As most everyone who uses Facebook knows, the Internet social networking site made some changes recently. Users have the option to opt out  if they wish to have their personal information not sent to several third parties. Now Senator Charles Schumer of New York and a number of other Democratic Senators want Facebook to change this to Opt in. Really, I kid you not.

A recent article also stated:

The issue surrounds Facebook’s decision to automatically share your data with select partners (currently limited to,, and the moment you visit the site. Rather than forcing you to click a “Log In With Facebook” button, Facebook automatically shares basic information about you. While there remains to be confusion surrounding the multiple services launched by Facebook at last week’s developer conference, Facebook could soon have to back down from this new trial service.

At a time in our nation’s history when the bankers and Wall Street insiders are running amok, when we are trillions of dollars in debt, when we have wars being fought on two fronts, congressmen have the time to worry about whether Facebook users opt in or opt out?


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