Most of us have probably been in an online forum before. These forums promote discussion about a particular topic, and once you start to get to know the members and participate in the discussions, they can become pretty addictive. For many people, forums aren’t as interesting as they used to be because they don’t necessarily offer the immediate communication that you would get from a chat session or certain social networks. With that said, forums still serve a purpose, and makes creating one as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

The free plan doesn’t even require you to sign up for anything. All you do is copy and paste some code and go. This ease of use also applies to users of your forum because instead of being forced to create an account, they can use one of the accounts that they already have (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The forums are very straightforward to use, and since they keep your visitors active and engaged, a basic forum might be just what your site needs.