Much discussion is focused on the processes, techniques or frameworks that enable strategic performance management. Yet the underlying question is about behavior:

  • How do we motivate people so that more of them understand and engage with the strategy and are following it?
  • While measures motivate, what causes the many situations where there is also dysfunctional behavior? How can they be avoided?
  • What are the underlying cultural and behavioral reasons for this?
  • Is the strategic performance management process failing and causing this?
  • How do we create a performance management culture?
  • How do we blend the hard and soft aspects of performance management alongside a discipline of performance management?

Audio seminar
Thursday, May 6th, 2010, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
45 minute presentation, 15 minute Q&A
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Using a series of real examples, this webcast will explore the underlying beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that undermine and support strategic performance management. You will learn about tools, thinking and ideas to help you move from a culture of measurement and operational focus to one of managing the performance of your strategy. This is a part of the fourth-generation balanced scorecard approach, designed to build a culture of performance within your organization.

About Phil Jones

Phil helps organizations implement their strategy and improve the culture of performance. He has been designing and developing strategic balanced scorecards since 1996, and helping organizations develop and implement their strategy for far longer. While working with Norton & Kaplan, he helped to develop strategic themes and integrate knowledge management into the balanced scorecard approach. He continues to develop fourth-generation balanced scorecards with his company, Excitant. He has helped organizations in the US, UK, Europe and Far East, from large corporates to small charities.

Phil is the author of Communicating Strategy, and has a forthcoming book, Strategy Mapping. Phil is a BSC, MBA, MBCS, CITP and CEng. You can sign up for his balanced scorecard newsletter on his Web site,

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