The title says it all. Microsoft is claiming that more than 100 million licenses have been sold since Windows 7 was released to the public back on October 22, 2009. The company has also stated that its revenue from the sale of Windows is up 28%. This is not surprising since Windows Vista received such a lukewarm reception.  Microsoft also believes that about 50% of business clients may upgrade to 7 even before a service pack is released.


I have been using Windows 7 Ultimate on three of my personal computer systems. Two of the systems were clean installs of 7, while on my personal laptop I did an upgrade from Vista to 7. Basically all three of the systems have been running very well. The only issue I have had is that my personal laptop has had a few issues starting from hibernation. But outside of this, I have been fortunate and have not experienced any other issues.

As some of you know, I like Vista, which came pre-installed on my laptop when I bought it new. But I have also enjoyed using Windows 7 and have found 7 ‘snappier’ than Vista. I also have two older computers in the house using Windows XP, which I still consider an old friend compared to the new kids on the block!

Have a good one.

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