For those who use Google’s popular Gmail, you should be aware of a phishing scam that is making the rounds on the Internet. The phishing scam attempts to solicit user account information in an attempt to gain access to your account. Users of Google’ Gamail should be aware that this is not an official email from Google.

The email looks like this:

From: Gmail Support
Subject: Your Gmail Account

Due to the congestion in our Gmail servers,there would be removal of all unused Gmail Accounts.You will have to confirm if your E-mail is still active by filling out your login info below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.

Account name:
Country :

Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

Thank you for using Gmail !

The Gmail Team

If the Gmail account user falls for this scam, the bad guys will be able to access your account and use your account information for criminal purposes. It is recommended that if you receive an email like the one above that you should ignore the request and not provide the information.

Be careful.

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