I don’t receive a lot of packages, but whenever I buy something online, I love the fact that I can track the shipment as it makes its way to my doorstep. That makes receiving something even more exciting. When that technology first came out, we were impressed and excited, but now we take it for granted. Whether we’re shipping or receiving a package, we know that we can track it. With so many shipping companies and tracking tools, it’s nice to have a centralized resource that works with all of the major companies and presents data in an understandable way. Boxoh does all of this in more.

The service supports tracking packages delivered through UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, so you’re covered here. Just enter your tracking number and you’ll see a map that shows a geographical representation of the path that your shipment has taken. The ability to subscribe to an RSS feed makes receiving all of the latest updates a painless process. I’ll definitely be using this service for my package tracking needs.