The owner of Kaspersky, Eugene Kaspersky, has made a dire prediction in which he claims that the Apple iPhone will be a niche product in 5 years. He further claims that Apple needs to change their ways, if they wish to survive, since they are cramping the style of app developers. He even goes on to say that the Apple iPhone may even not exist in 5 years.

In a recent article it also states that:

The founder of Kaspersky Lab says that of the five main mobile platforms currently in existence, the only two guaranteed to last beyond the next five years are Android and Symbian. Open-source platforms will outlast closed systems such as the iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile, believes Kaspersky. To survive, the closed systems need to change their approach and get rid of their restrictions for developers, he says.

WOW! This man needs a new crystal ball! LOL

Why is it that very since Apple became a company, someone, somewhere is always predicting their demise? For a company that is constantly going out of business, they seem to be doing very well. So well, that they continue to buy up companies and introduce new products at a rapid pace. Their products continue to be stylish, well designed and in demand by millions of users.

I personally believe that this prediction is nothing more than wishful thinking.

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