Techcrunch has a rather scathing article that tries to convince the reader why they should not use Opera as a browser of choice. In the article it states that Opera is unpopular when compared to other browsers that are available to us. It also says that the reason for this unpopularity, in the writer’s opinion, is because the browser ‘screams’ instead of just ‘sings.’ Yet the writer provides no substance to the article in why, except for the writer’s preferences, why Opera is such a bad choice.

The article goes on to state that:

This latest version of Opera looks as if it’s the spawn of Safari and Firefox mating. On paper, that may sound like a good idea, but the result is awkward. It just feels alien.

Feels alien? I believe that this description can be given to anything that works differently that what a user may be used to. I use Firefox as my primary browser since it works well for me. So using even Google’s Chrome is different than what I am using, but yet Chrome works well when I have tried it. Different? Yes. Alien? No.

I guess what it boils down to is that when browsing the Web, I basically just want a giant window that renders an HTML page correctly and fast — that’s it. All these features sound nice, but most are just clutter. That’s especially true on the desktop, where most of us are on fast connections (or fast-enough), and things such as Opera’s “turbo-charging” don’t seem to make much of a difference (obviously, that’s different on the mobile web — but usually only with Edge connections, in my experience).

Chrome nails this experience that I’m looking for, and that’s one of the reasons why Chrome OS excites me so much. Anything not rendering HTML on my screen is just noise. Opera has a lot of noise.

A lot of noise? What the heck is that?  I decided to take the new Opera out for a look-see for myself. I downloaded and installed Opera 10.52 for Windows and installed the browser on my Windows 7 Ultimate OS. I set up Opera tabs to function as they do in Firefox, and after some minor customizing to my preference, starting using the browser to surf, search, and compile some blog articles.

I found using the browser intuitive and easy to use. Yes, some things are different compared to Firefox, but not to the point that it interfered with the way I normally use a browser. Opera also touts itself as being fast, very fast, and I found this to be mostly true. I am fortunate to have a fairly fast cable connection so my browsing experience is fast with any browser I chose. But I must admit, Opera did feel faster than Firefox. IMHO.

The only downside I found is that Opera does not offer add-ons [widgets] that I use in Firefox such as WOT [Web of Trust], Ad-Block, Colorful Tabs, and other add-ons that I personally enjoy using with Firefox. With this in mind, I will continue to use Firefox as my primary browser, but Opera works very well and should be considered as an alternative to other browsers.

Comments welcome.