For about 3 months I have been considering a 2nd computer to supplement my main laptop computer. My current laptop is a 17″  Toshiba with a full size keyboard that I enjoy using at home. The inconvenience comes when I travel, especially when flying, and having to lug this big boy through the airport. At about 8 lbs. with charger and accessories, walking through the Chicago airport a few weeks ago trying to catch a flight, left my shoulder aching and my hand sore from carrying this and other items in my carry-on bag. As I have previously mentioned, I had looked at the Apple iPad as a possible solution as well as several netbooks.

So yesterday afternoon I went back to Best Buy for another look at the iPad. Here are some of the things that I found and my reasons for not buying one at this time.

Price: I know Apple makes a great product and the iPad is no exception. The quality of the product is evident by just looking at the device. But that is where it stops. The pricing of the unit is expensive for what you get, or in my case, for what you don’t get. I would want Wi-Fi 3G access and the cheapest iPad starts at $629 with this feature included.

No Flash: I am not sure why, nor do I care why Flash is not supported, but I want a device that has Flash.

Multi-Tasking: This reminds me of the days before Win 95 when we could do only one thing at a time. This is totally archaic IMHO.

Competition: It should be interesting to see what others are going to introduce to compete against the iPad. I am especially interested in what Google Chrome will offer.

With this in mind, I am going to wait before buying anything, until all of the new devices hit the street this year. I also believe that the 2nd generation iPad will be better than the originally and most likely less expensive.

Comments welcome.

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