I hear and agree with Steve Jobs on Flash having its issues and that it best reflects its roots in a PC (Windows) world. This said, his approach to dealing with his differences with Adobe will likely end badly for us — the end users.

The fact of the matter is that users — hardcore users of Apple products like my wife — fell in love with Apple’s Mac for one huge reason. That reason is called Photoshop. You know, that application put out there by Adobe.

Now obviously, Adobe is not in a position to stop offering Photoshop to OS X users. But I think that Apple has let the success of the iPhone go to its head and I, for one, am growing tired of the attitude.

It’s a phone, Apple. One that, with the right set of circumstances, could be dethroned as easily as it rose to power. So my thoughts on the Adobe/Apple dispute are as follows.

Apple needs to allow developers the choice of using third party means if they choose to. If this means Adobe Flash, fine. If the product produced from it runs like snot, this is not Apple’s fault, rather the fault of the developer. Apple has the right to do as it wishes, but lately its attitude has hit a level of elitism that I think we could all do without. Just my feeling on this.

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