Facebook has a very easy to use event planner which now includes a quick way to easily share your plans. A user needs only to click on the ‘Events’ box and use the What Are You Planning to quickly type in an event.

Users can also create an event by going to the Event dashboard in the left side menu.By clicking on the ‘create an event’ button and filling out the fields, you will have a more detailed formal event announcement.

The folks at Facebook also state:

You can also choose between two types of events: a public event, available for anyone to RSVP and attend, and a private event. Private events will only be visible to people who have been invited, and only invited people can see the event in their News Feed.

Events created before this launch will maintain all of their settings. Going forward, all new events you create will follow this new format.

It seems that this added improvement to event planning will make it easier to plan events on the spur of the moment.


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