The modern automobile is a marvel of technology, which for the most part, is controlled by computers to make the vehicle perform well. But when one of those idiot lights come on like ‘Check Engine’ warning lamp, your first thought most likely will be ‘how much is this going to cost’? The days of the back yard mechanic are gone, since without a way to connect to the on board computer, diagnosis a problem is almost impossible.

But with CarMD, you may be able to diagnosis your cars problem and also be provided with an approximate repair cost. On their web site the folks at CarMD state the following:

The purpose of CarMD is to offer easy-to-use tools, professional knowledge, and valuable resources to help you monitor and maintain the health of your vehicle.  The CarMD® Vehicle Health System (handheld tool + website) is the only true and proven solution to accurately give real world vehicle diagnostic information on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, SUV and minivan – foreign & domestic. CarMD is there to provide you peace of mind and empowerment when you need to:

  • Save hundreds of dollars on mechanic bills
  • Catch hidden engine problems early with a regular maintenance program
  • Solve “Check Engine” light problems
  • Give your vehicle a clean bill of health before a road trip
  • Conduct a pre-“smog” emissions test to see if you’re ready to pass or fail
  • Avoid buying a used car “lemon”
  • And more!

After connecting the diagnostic tester to your vehicle, the user is presented with a series of colored lights. Green means that everything is currently OK, yellow indicates a possible problem and red means there is a problem with the vehicle. You are also presented with a diagnostic code that once you connect to the CarMD site, will inform you what the problem is and an estimate of cost to repair your vehicle.

The cost of the device is about $100 to purchase and includes the ability to diagnosis 2 diagnostic reports per month, per vehicle. A premium plan is available that allows unlimited reports for $20 a year or $2 per report.There is also a limit to the number of vehicles that can be tested using the device. The limit is 3 cars per device and if more cars need to be tested, you need to buy additional testers.

I believe that this device would help for those who are looking to buy a used car and to not be saddled with a mechanical unsound vehicle. The device will work even if the check engine warning light has been cut by a dealer or a vehicles owner.

What do you think?


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