Watch CNN and you love Obama; watch Fox News and you hate the man. These seem to be some of the thoughts when it comes to what news program people watch. But in a recent survey of some 12k Web surfers, this is not the case when it comes to news online. It seems that we who choose to get our news from the Internet disregard the traditional thinking that we will follow those who think like we do.

A recent article states:

Their conclusion: Many people go to sites whose readers don’t share their politics. To use their terminology, they found a low degree of “media isolation” among Web surfers compared with the political isolation most Americans experience in their daily lives. Stacked against the networks in which we work, live, and socialize, the network we increasingly use to get our news—which is to say, the one you are using right now—is relatively integrated.

I tend to agree. I personally do not subscribe to any one news source, nor do I quote only one news source. I stopped and thought about my TV news habits on TV and I am the same on TV as well. I switch to both the network news or cable with no regard or loyalty to either. In fact I find myself channel surfing and listening to different takes on the same news. Let’s face it people, it is all the same news! LOL

What about you?


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