In what appears to be a continuing slide, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to lose market share falling below 60% for the first time. Firefox gained a small share with an increase from 24.52% in March to 24.59% in April. But the browser that stole most of the gain from I.E. was Chrome that increased from 6.13% in March to 6.73% in April. Using these figures it seems that 3 of 5 web connections are from users of I.E.

Here are the results from April of browser usage:

There is one thing for sure. Microsoft will need to have Internet Explorer 9 be a knock your socks off experience to keep their market-share from sliding further. From the chart above it appears that Firefox is holding steady, but that Google’s Chrome browser is starting to pick up more users.

But is I.E. losing market-share because the other browsers are better or because of the fact that consumers now have more of a choice?

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