It’s no secret that Oracle has been doing some really weird things since the takeover of Sun. The changes are so strange that several people who were thought to be secure at the new location have either quit of their own volition, or been forced away. The company is acting as though it is trying to use slash and burn techniques to win friends and influence people.

The two techniques don’t mix – at all.

Now a piece on slashdot tells us that Oracle is doing the same thing with hardware that it is with software. The Open XML add-in for Office at ridiculous prices was just a start. The point must be to disassociate any semblance of a good feeling between the name Sun and any possible customer.

boer lee writes with the news that you can expect trouble in downloading firmware updates for your Sun server if you purchased it before March 16, 2010. “In a somewhat surprising move (and without any notification to customers), Oracle shut down public access to firmware downloads. I learned this the hard way when I contacted Oracle customer service almost two weeks ago. Yes, it took 13 days for me to get access to the firmware download for systems under the standard warranty (i.e. less than a year old).”

This is certainly not the kind of treatment that will endear Oracle to any owners of Sun gear, because when you need a firmware update to fix an established problem, you want to be able to install it yesterday.

The overall point of this lockdown, then piss off the remaining customers, is completely unfathomable, unless Oracle is planning to bring Sun hardware out with the name Oracle and wants to make sure that it is starting with a fresh set of customers – no matter how small that set might be.

With the knowledge of this treatment, who in their right mind would ever sign up with Oracle for anything? If you need hardware, you have several other choices, and if you need their software, you have at least a couple. Will Oracle implode soon, due to a vacuum in the center of the company? Have the body snatchers taken over Mr. Ellison?


Server room See the Sun logo? These may be disappearing all over, thanks to Oracle making the owners of this equipment so angry they switch hardware, or at least spray paint over it in the short term.

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