First of all, if you haven’t tried BumpTop yet on your computer, you may wish to download a free copy while it is still available for free. Over at the BumpTop web site they have provided two links, one for Windows and one for Mac users. [Links below]

Download BumpTop Free for Mac (1.05.2)
Download BumpTop Free for Windows (DirectX

You most likely are aware that Google recently bought BumTop and there is a lot of speculation on what Google may do with the software. If you haven’t tried BumpTop on a computer as a desktop replacement it looks like this:

I tried using BumTop about a year ago on a Windows Vista system, but personally didn’t care for it. The problem I found is that the 3D desktop slowed me down when trying to use a mouse to control stuff. I realized that a 3D desktop would shine when used on a system that supported touch screen technology.

I believe that Google is going to take advantage of BumpTop technology in their new operating System called Chrome.


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