I have been watching the success of Windows 7 for some time now. And as this article rightfully points out, it has quickly become the number two operating system being used today.

One part of the reason that it’s doing so well is due to the poor, oh, so very poor release of Vista. Granted, Vista — a service pack or two later — is “better.” I might even go so far as to say usable. But it’s still no Windows 7.

Windows 7 boots faster, provides what feels like better cohesion to the needs of the hardware and, best of all, the users are loving it. Heck, even my Linux using self isn’t cringing at the thought of booting up into it. I find it to be perfectly pleasant to use for the most part.

So is this an indication that we’ll see more Windows successes here in the near future? I like to think so. I am always open and interested in seeing new innovation and a better user experience that I can then pass on to others using this platform. Whether or not Microsoft is able to deliver on this, instead of opting to buy out everything in sight (see Google and Apple today), well, that is something only time will tell.

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