In what should not come as a surprise, but still does, it seems that consumers still are using the Internet like a toy. In a recent survey by Consumer Reports, 52% of respondents have posted personal information online. It gets better. These people have posted their home addresses, date of birth, and also information about their children. Unbelievable!

But when it comes to social networking sites, the numbers are less:

On Facebook only, 42 percent have posted their date of birth, 7 percent have posted street addresses, and 3 percent have disclosed when they were away from home. About 23 percent of Facebook users, meanwhile, are either unaware that Facebook has privacy controls that protect this information or do not use them.

Another 26 percent of Facebook users post their children’s photos and names, which could potentially expose them to predators, the report said.

Of the 18.4 million people who have installed Facebook apps, 38 percent were confident that the apps were secure or had not thought about. About 1.8 million computers were infected by social networking apps in the past year, Consumer Reports said.

Now that’s good news. Only 42% are idiots when it comes to posting information on Facebook! What is wrong with people?

There was also this:

Overall, Consumer Reports found that 1.7 million online households were victims of Web-related ID theft in the last year, 5.4 million online consumers submitted personal data via phishing e-mails, and that cyber-crime has cost American consumers $4.5 billion over the past two years, trashing an estimated 2.1 million computers.

Solving this problem doesn’t require expensive technology, however, the report concluded. “It requires the networks themselves to keep improving their privacy practices and better educating users,” the report said.

Better educate users? Where do these people live? In a cave? LOL

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