PC Power and Cooling is a company that has enjoyed a long and happy relationship with the enthusiast builder community. Without a doubt, they alone proved that idea that a computer was only as good as the power that fed it. Many times computer builds that were troublesome became rock solid when outfitted with a stalwart design from this company. ( We won’t mention that a stalwart design in those days was all of 300W, and that many people thought this was complete overkill. )


OCZ Technology-owned PC Power & Cooling is back with a vengeance and a fresh family of solid power supplies, the Silencer Mk II which includes 500W, 650W, 750W and 950W units.

In good PC Power & Cooling tradition, the new PSUs have a high efficiency (80Plus Bronze for the 500W model, 80Plus Silver for the rest), a single, beefy 12V rail, and also a thermally controlled 135mm double-ball bearing fan, ATX12V and EPS12V standard compatibility, a MTBF (mean time before failure) of 100,000 hours, and are paired up with a 5- (500W, 650W) or 7-year (750W, 950W) warranty.

“I am thrilled see the new Silencer Mk II brought to market and provide the premier power management solution to power users of all kinds, from enthusiasts to industrial OEMs,” commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at OCZ Technology. “The Mk II is a perfect blend of proven, long-term technology and the newest cutting-edge design. With 25 years of high-performance power supply experience, PC Power & Cooling has always been at the forefront of the computing industry, and the Silencer Mk II represents an exciting new chapter in a long history of providing uncompromising quality and lasting value to its customers.”

The Silencer Mk II units have not been priced.

Following the link above gets you to the picture of the new 950W unit, which certainly looks handsome and rugged, but it uses the form factor of the OCZ supplies, with the larger fans in place of the 80mm fans favored by the older PC Power units, with the straight through flow design. In the past, there were specific reasons given for the use of the smaller fan, not the least of which was the limitations upon capacitors imposed by the larger fans on the largest face of the power supply. Is this something that will be ignored, explained away with a few sidesteps, or has something in the supply chain changed that allows this type of fan with no compromise on componentry?

I also look forward to the pricing, as things are much tighter in the competition for the enthusiast’s dollar these days. Once it was a foregone conclusion that the very best builds of the day would feature PC Power PSUs; now the chances are better than even, but there is always a chance that another manufacturer may be chosen at a particular power rating.


Franken-puterNo matter the form, a computer can do better with a quality PSU.


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