While some Internet users may be drifting away from chat rooms, that doesn’t mean that they’re not talking to other people online. The ways in which people communicate online continue to evolve as time goes on, and these days, a lot of the conversations are taking place through social networking services like Twitter. Instead of forcing people to communicate in a way that doesn’t naturally fit in to the habits that they already have, Nurph uses Twitter so that people can chat anywhere.

By entering a URL on Nurph, you’ll get a special customized URL that you can share with your friends and visitors so that they can see the original site and chat about it directly on the page. When users visit this special Nurph URL, they’ll find a chat box that sits on top of the page. They can then login through Twitter and chat with other visitors who have found their way to the site. It makes sense for your visitors to be able to chat in this way, especially since they probably have common interests. Besides, I’m sure you don’t have a problem with having your visitors want to spend more time on your site.