Microsoft is making available the second platform preview of its new Internet Explorer 9 edition for developers. But if you want to see what Microsoft has in store for us with its latest edition of IE, you can take the preview for a spin to see what you think. Microsoft states that this new edition will improve performance and  have better support for standards and improved hardware acceleration of HTML5. You may be aware that both Apple and Microsoft no longer wish to support Flash from Adobe.

In addition, on its IE9 blog site, Microsoft states:

With the second Platform Preview we continue to improve IE9’s performance and maintain our focus on real-world sites and hardware acceleration. We examined the patterns in use across many websites and frameworks to identify which changes in the browser make actual sites faster.

You’ll notice that the performance difference between IE9 and other browsers on this benchmark is in the range of an eye-blink. As we continue to make IE9’s script engine faster for real world sites, IE will continue to become faster at this particular benchmark as well. To date we’ve done very little specific tuning for Webkit Sunspider. As with most benchmarks, depending on your machine, the differences may vary.

Performance and speed is now the name of the game as Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla compete in the speed arena. Each are claiming, week by week, that one or the other is now the fastest browser on the block.

You can download a copy of IE9 2nd preview from here.


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