I may not keep up to date on the newest shows, but these are the programs I enjoyed most this last year:

Legend of the Seeker: The first few shows are somewhat hokey, but the deeper in you go, the better the show gets. By season two the roles of the characters are greatly deepened, and it is absolutely superb. It appears ABC has canceled the show, but there is a campaign to bring it back.

The storyline revolves around a mythical world that must be saved from destruction every so often by a kind of avatar, called the seeker. Though I am not a fan of the whole evil vs. good paradigm, I was willing with this show to bypass this part of the storyline, as the show is really worth it. Hopefully the show will be resurrected, as it isn’t often a good fantasy show comes out on TV.

Moonlight: Moonlight is another cool show, that was dropped just after it’s first year, by CBS.  It involves a ninety year old vampire who has become a private investigator, as a way to redeem himself of his bloody past. He teams up with a local female reporter, who turns out to have a much deeper connection with the vampire than previously realized. Worth the watch.

True Blood: This is by far my favorite show of late, and directed by Alan Ball, is most apt not going to be cancelled any time soon. HBO will be rolling out the new season this June 13th, and I am seriously excited. The plot, based off of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, is loosely focused around the original storyline. This is a very edgy adult show, and is definitely not meant for children. At times I will admit I get frustrated with the direction Alan Ball chooses to take the show, but this is obviously due to his being gay, and in my opinion, some personal psychological problems he possesses.

The show takes place in a small southern town, in a world where vampires have come out of the closet, and other mythical creatures are common place, though still hidden. Werewolves,vampires, fairies, and other mythical beings battle against one another, and try to live in harmony amidst a world where humans are the majority. You will always be on the edge of your seat, awaiting the next show…

Show Intro:

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Burn Notice: The first two seasons of this show were absolutely awesome, but in my opinion greatly degraded thereafter. Hosted by the USA network, the show has aired three seasons,and has been contracted for at least two more seasons. This just blows my mind, as the show has become repetitive to the extreme, and too boringly tedious to watch after season two.

Imagine a guy who is far more talented and interesting than MacGyver, and you have Burn Notice. This show is actually packed with little tips and tricks for surveillance and spying, making it far more interesting than most shows in it’s genre. It is not only action packed, but humorous as well, and the characters at first are quite likable. Once again, I would avoid season three onward, but that is just my opinion.

Lie To Me: This is an excellent show, produced by FOX, it has aired for two seasons, and will air for a third.  Another educationally packed show, we follow the adventures of Cal Lightman and his behavioral analysis group that specializes in facial microexpressions and body language. Cal Lightman’s character is based off of the genius Dr. Paul Ekman, who is the creator of the Facial Action Coding System, a method for learning microexpressions. Fascinating, entertaining, and a good line up of characters, this show is worth your time.

Of course I also enjoyed Dexter and Heroes as well, but I reported on these shows last year. These shows can be watched via Netflix, or sites like Sidereel.com, though the latter can be tedious finding good sources. Whenever possible use Ninjavideo.net for good quality videos, but you will need to install the Ninja Video Helper, and the DivX  player. The latter two sites are good for watching outdated, or even recent shows, and requires no pirating.

What shows do you recommend?