Apparently there has been confusion as to what became of Windows CE? Thankfully for interested developers, it’s not dead as once thought. But it’s understandable how one might think it could be when you hear the new name for it. Windows Embedded Compact 7 — seriously, Microsoft? At least drop the “compact” part of the name in the interest of keeping it simple. I digress…

So as explained by this MSDN blog post, the long awaited update to what I will refer to as Windows CE “Redux” is being feverishly worked on and is expected to be released in the near future.

Another interesting point that I think is worth mentioning is that the fact that this question comes up often is not great news for the CE team. While its development team is surely doing a good job, Microsoft’s PR department is asleep at the wheel. If Microsoft plans on releasing something embedded here soon, its needs to begin building up buzz just as quickly as possible. Otherwise, no one will even be aware of any new developments as they are made public.

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