In the past, I have harped on Digg, the content, how it went from a tech news resource into something I think that really lacks what it could have been.

Well today I was shocked and dismayed to learn that roughly 10% of Digg’s employees, are to be laid off. No one deserves this. Despite my misgivings with the site, my heart breaks for all of the individuals affected.

I wish I had something more profound to say, without coming off as sounding trite. But all I can say is that sometimes, one door closes while another one opens. I’ve learned this myself over the years, with a mix of failures and successes. So to those Digg employees who are moving on, remember that your skills honed at Digg, are your own. Use them, share them and provide value to all who come across your path. Follow this advice, you will land on your feet. This tidbit of wisdom was given to me by a man who survived the great depression. Hopefully, it may serve those of you trying to overcome the great recession. Good luck, parting Digg employees.