Clearly, the onslaught of search competition has Google on its toes in a very big way — so much so that we may now see it making additions to its most recent changes. Because I have been using DuckDuckGo as an ongoing experiment, I only recently noticed the changes made to Google and how it has “Web 2.0’d” its portal. With a new layout and some new icon representations, it’s a nice mix.

What struck me the most is that Google is sticking to what works. While it did make some minor changes, overall the feel of its search engine feels unchanged. Having been spoiled with Google for so many years, I do tend to find myself becoming a bit unnerved when it tries to tweak things. But thus far I am okay with these things.

The one UI change that is AWFUL is the change made to the AdWords keyword tool external. Seriously, Google, who designed that mess of options? Besides most of us not being able to find anything without digging, the fact that the old UI was never a problem also comes to mind. But I like the addition of Google Insights, though.

That rant aside, I think that Google has made some solid changes overall. Perhaps it’s a bit gung ho in some respects, but positive nonetheless.

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