This article cracked me up on a number of levels. Actually suggesting that an iPad is a replacement for a laptop/desktop, is hog wash. While I agree that for those who are able to forgo a tactile keyboard (out of the box), sure, it works well enough.  And more power to you, if that is how you roll.

But speaking as a guy who is about a day away from eBay’ing his iPhone due to growing frustration with the craptastic touch screen keypad usage, I am skeptical as to the iPad replacing ANYTHING for “Joe America”.

Having tried an iPad recently, I found it to be cool…but hardly something that is going to replace anything PC or Mac based (we own both) in my household. I would suggest though, that it would be a neat supplement to my existing tech products.

iPads do indeed provide a compelling experience and are most certainly a game changing device that has yet to be matched by ANYTHING in the PC market. And I can think of 10 different industries that would benefit from using the iPad over a typical notebook.The form factor is fantastic, bundled with apps and battery life. It’s a great product.

But a netbook/notebook replacement? Hardly – I’d need the Apple keyboard edition, which Apple does sell. And to those folks who say this will replace paper products are…needing to step outside and try talking to non-geeks. Most people are not going to buy an iPad, Kindle or anything else in this economy to replace paper books. Sure, once  paper book prices shoot up to $500+ apiece, this will happen immediately I am sure. But until then, not so much.

The iPad is a very neat tool, but not the invention of the light bulb…

Just my honest option based on my experience with the product. Again, good product, but nothing worth changing a lifestyle over. This is not anti-iPad, this is simply a reality check.