Toshiba is about to release what they describe as a lightweight 13″ portable computer. But in a market that seems saturated with light weight computers, do we really need another in a already crowded market? Maybe we do and here’s why.

The newest model in the Toshiba arsenal is going to introduce a new technology that Toshiba calls Super Charged ion Battery (SCiB). Though the technology has been around since 2008, for some reason it has not made its way into mainstream laptops. So what is so special about SCiB? These new batteries can be 90% charged in about 10 minutes. So the road warriors who get stuck in an airport and need a quick charge, can locate a charging station or idle electrical outlet, and have a battery charged quickly.

In addition the new Toshiba will feature:

Apparently, the 13-inch notebook will be powered by an Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 central processing unit. Each chip is backed up by up to 4GB of memory and either a hard drive or solid state drive with top capacities of 500GB and 512MB, respectively. The reports also state that the mobile computer will have an LCD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. All of these components will somehow be crammed inside a super thin and light chassis of under 1kg.

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Until Toshiba makes an official announcement about their latest creation, little else is known about the unit. One concern is how the Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 central processing unit will be cooled in such a small laptop case. There is a rumor that the new units will have something called ‘Blaze Mountain’  cooling. No one knows what this means, but speculation is that it may be a software controlled cooling scheme to keep the cpu from melting the plastic enclosure. LOL

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