Still using Windows XP?  Well Microsoft is not going to allow you to use their latest browser, Internet Explorer 9, when it is released. But will this alone be enough to force consumers to finally get rid of their old friend, Windows XP?

In a recent article it stated that:

Noting that Microsoft will meet, and in fact exceed, its usual 10-year support policy for XP — the operating system is slated for final retirement in April 2014, nearly 13 years after its release — McLeish said IE9’s non-support for the old OS was a business decision by Microsoft. “As time goes on, XP will get less attention paid to it by Microsoft,” she said.

She also thought that the noise about XP’s inability to run IE9 is a moot point for enterprises. “There are few large customers that don’t have an upgrade plan [from XP] in place,” she said. “Most firms now running XP are planning to upgrade to Windows 7.” IE9 runs on Windows 7.

Though Microsoft has an intent to move users onto another operating system, could this move backfire when Windows XP users move to Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome browsers?

What do you think?

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