Archos recently announced they would be bringing a tablet computer to the market running Google’s Android; ASUS is also following suite with an Android tablet. HP killed off the much-hyped Windows 7 powered Slate after lackluster reviews and has moved towards using recently acquired Palm’s WebOS in its place. When Lenovo designed its convert-able hybrid tablet it used Windows 7 for the laptop and a version of Linux for the detachable tablet. The tide against Windows in the tablet space seems to be growing and I don’t see anything that Microsoft currently has in the works as changing that.

If you want to blame the iPad for that you’d probably be correct. It showed that you don’t need, or even want a full blown desktop operating system on a tablet device. The slew of Windows 7 tablets that had been announced just before and following the iPad’s release seems to be dwindling, replaced by tablets running Android. Microsoft might still have a chance in the tablet market with the Windows Phone 7 operating system, but they seem to be scaling back their tablet push. They recently killed off the Courier, which had a couple of very popular concept videos and overwhelmingly positive coverage from tech sites.

Does Microsoft have a future in the tablet space? It is looking more and more like they do not. The coming tablet battles look like will be fought exclusively through Apple, Google, and possibly HP.