Nothing is worse than having a boss who continuously hovers over your shoulder. Sometimes, managers feel as though they need to oversee every aspect of their staff and manage them very carefully. This is usually a result of an absence of trust. In other words, a manager doesn’t trust that the work is getting done.

If your boss hovers over your desk, it may be a matter of building that level of trust so he/she doesn’t feel like they need to check up on you. There are specific techniques that you can use to build that trust:

One technique that has worked very well for me is providing frequent status updates or progress reports. Start with weekly reports to demonstrate that you are getting the work done without his or her constant oversight. After time you should be able to make the progress reports less frequent. I’ve also gone so far as to keep my status reports in a central location and update them on a daily basis so my manager can check the progress at any time.

Take a proactive approach and schedule regular meetings with your boss to provide your update. Just knowing when he or she can expect progress reports, can put your manager at ease. You may want to start with bi-weekly meetings at first and change the frequency as required.

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