Am I talking about gaming? Fantasy? No, actually I am referring to the world we now live in, and recent scientific studies done by the pharmaceutical companies. Wired magazine has recently published an article on the quandary the drug companies now find themselves in, and that is that the placebo effect appears to have nearly doubled since the 1980’s. This applies to even previously tested drugs, such as Prozac. Sugar pills are now running neck and neck in most clinical trials, leaving drug companies unable to market the majority of the drugs tested.

Sites Wired magazine:

“It’s not that the old meds are getting weaker, drug developers say. It’s as if the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger.”

This phenomena is occurring worldwide, and drug researchers are desperately trying to discover why. The secret to this mystery, if the answers can be found, are the only salvation in sight for a floundering industry being taken over by a sugar pill.

The emerging study of epigenetics, or the understanding that we rule our genetics, and not the other way around, is according to Dr. Mercola the answer to this new placebo mystery.  According to Dr. Mercola:

“Your mind has the power to create or cure disease because your thoughts affect the expression of your genes. Today’s “New Biology” is overlapping with consciousness science and quantum physics, and it’s showing us that we have masterful control over our own lives, including how we feel pain, depression, anxiety and even our ability to overcome diseases like cancer.”

This is indeed true, but why has this effect suddenly increased by 20% within the last thirty years? Why would the effects of epigenetics suddenly have made a massive jump forward? In our modern world, people have only become more logical in their thinking, and a logical person is going to believe in the power of a carefully designed pharmaceutical drug over the effects of a sugar pill. If I were to offer someone one of two pain pills, and told them that one was a placebo, they are of course going to take the ‘real’ thing. In taking a placebo, there is no knowledge one has done so, and therefore no logical reason for doubting the pill’s outcome. But still, why would the mind be more believing than it was 30 years ago?

Magic, it’s just simply magic my friends!

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