Some things confuse me.  Many things confound me.  A subset of these things are downright scary.

Like Americans Idle  (or worse, its viewers).  People punching others when they see a Volkswagen.  Those who think Kurt Cobain was a great guitarist.

I always thought Sarah Palin was a useful idiot: good for her party’s non-thinkers and great for public laughs.  She sure as hell provides no end of ammunition for late night commentators as well as our very blogosphere.  Unfortunately our Sarah has crossed the line from useful idiot to glaring idiot on public display.

Over at the Huffington Post (via Daily Beast), Mrs. Palin states that our founders were “quite clear—that we would create law based on the God of the bible and the 10 Commandments.”   This particular bleating occurred in context of an interview with Bill O’Reilly (another prime idiot).


Let’s cut the crap, shall we?

Our founding fathers were bright folks.  They knew we needed to be protected from the state’s interference in religion.  Also they knew we needed to be protected from religion’s interference in state.  That, in short, is a large and very important part of the First Amendment.

Unfortunately, many prefer to ignore one half of the religious paths of this very valuable amendment.  I refer to them as religious fascists.  These are the folks who demand that we be free to worship their way.

Let’s get on the right side of law, ok?


  • praying in public
  • praying in public school (not led)
  • religious tax exemptions


  • led prayer in public school
  • a state religion
  • religious displays on state ground


  • opening prayer in Congress
  • swearing on a bible in court
  • the Congressional chaplain

It’s a lot more clear than it would appear.  It’s definitely more clear that Sarah Palin admits.