There should be an image here!Facebook is a great social network. With over 350 million users from all around the world, 50 million of them get online every day. There is a great user interface, great features, and great support.

MySpace was the largest social network on the Internet for a few years, and at the time it seemed like everyone was there. And then came Facebook. It grew like wildfire, and the amount of things you could do also grew like wildfire. People loved it, and still do.

Today, Facebook is about three times the size of MySpace. There are games, groups, pages, apps, and all sorts of things. Granted, MySpace has all those same things. But here’s the difference: Facebook has a much more… usable user interface.

Facebook has a simple interface. MySpace has an interface that pops out at you and makes it so that you can only be on the site for so long before your eyes hurt.

The average user spends about 50 minutes a day on their social network of choice, so they don’t want to get done and have hurting eyes.

If you pay attention to people that have accounts on social networks, you’ve probably noticed that many people just join them to play the games. That’s another advantage Facebook has.

Since Facebook has a better user interface than MySpace, they can make the games look better, too. Yeah, the two networks have a lot of the same games. But since Facebook’s looks surrounding the games look better, people like it more. Plus, Facebook just has more games, so people have more options. And people like that.

And the last thing that I’m going to put in this list is that Facebook has fan pages and groups. MySpace may have them, but it’s so hard to figure out how to even get started making them that there really aren’t that many. And people like to have the capability to become a fan of wacky things, and join groups that support things that they support.

There you have it — a few (albeit personally biased) reasons as to why Facebook is better than MySpace.

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