While there have been more than a few choices for the Phenom processor line, consisting of more than a few new ones, a few older ones still in the channel, and some just now coming in the X6 line, the Athlon II processor line has been pretty spare.

The choices are now how cheap do you want to go, as well as how little power do you want to use. These chips are efficient! Many will find homes in PCs because of their frugality with the power from the plug. HTPC owners will love these, as will users of home servers, as they will save quite a bit of money with just a processor switch.

Though no tests from the major labs are yet available, I wonder how close to the efficiency of brand “I” these are coming. After all, a quad core for your machine that only sucks 45W at full tilt is pretty great.


AMD has now updated its desktop processor offer with no less than six Athlon II processors manufactured on 45nm process technology, the X2 245e and X2 260 dual-cores, the X3 415e and X3 445 tri-cores, and X4 610e and X4 640 quad-cores.

The cheapest of lot, the X2 260 ($76) and X2 245e ($77) are clocked at 3.2 GHz and 2.9 GHz, respectively, pack 2MB of L2 cache and have a maximum TDP of 65W and 45W. The 3.1 GHz-clocked X3 445 costs $87 and features 1.5MB L2 cache and a 95W TDP, while the 2.5 GHz X3 415e goes for $102 but can brag with a 45W TDP.

The X4 610e also has a 45W TDP, is priced at $145 and clocked at 2.4 GHz while the X4 640 ($122) tops 3.0 GHz but must cope with a TDP of 95W. This last CPU has already been put to the test by HotHardware and Legit Reviews so check out the reviews to see what the cheapo quad-core can do.

This is the kind of change you can believe in, as no one wants to pay more than they have to, whether is the electric bill or the man selling the CPU to you. When you save on the CPU, you can put more elsewhere, and everyone likes that.

A 45W TDP quad-core means that shoebox size computers will be available to many with no sacrifice in power. Certainly someone will come out with a Mac mini style computer, and if the quality is high, it could sell millions.


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