Facebook is an overly popular social Web site that has an OK iPhone/iPod touch app, but it has yet to release a dedicated iPad application. In steps sobees to fill the void with a, free for now, application that puts Facebook’s own app to shame.

If you’ve used Facebook’s app on the iPhone or iPod touch, you know that it gives you access to things like pictures and status updates – the sobees app does that as well but it does it with much nicer visuals. You can browse all of your friends’ photos form within the photos tab, see all upcoming events through the events tab, and see the latest posts, links, videos, and photos all from the sobees front page… but best of all, and the reason I am ditching the Facebook app altogether for this, is that it does not show any updates from any of the hundreds of annoying Flash games.

Facebook on my iPad is littered with updates about who found what in Treasure Island and who is having a barn raising in Farmville; the sobees app excludes all of the content you don’t want and gives you everything you do.

You can find the app here, or go to the iTunes store and grab it. It’s currently free but there are plans to charge for it later.