The folks over at Mozilla are promising that the new Firefox 4 browser will be faster and offer better performance. But I had to laugh when I read what the new browser will offer:

The primary goals for Firefox 4 will be making a browser:

  • Fast: making Firefox super-duper fast
  • Powerful: enabling new open, standard Web technologies (HTML5 and beyond!),
  • Empowering: putting users in full control of their browser, data, and Web experience.

Super-duper? Wow, that sounds really fast! I don’t believe any other browser will be able to match a super-duper speed, since I believe that super-super is as fast as one can go! LOL

There was also this:

That said: please understand that these plans are fluid and are likely to change.

This tells me we are not going to be seeing Firefox 4 for a long, long time. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Firefox browser because, well… it is super-duper!

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