The future of the Web looks bright, but I fear that the future will take a long time to arrive because of Windows XP.

This morning my surfing took me over to an article at PC World, written by Dave Methvin who expressed his concern that users of Windows XP may be holding up the future of the Internet. He states that users of Windows XP, which originally came with Internet Explorer 6,will be stuck with a 2001 era browser that does not deliver a good user experience in the era of a 2010 Web. He goes on to state that businesses who do not upgrade will hold back progress on the Web.

It is therefore not Windows XP itself that is to blame, it is those who chose not to upgrade the browser that are at fault. The author does go on to state that users can upgrade their browser to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and so forth, but fears businesses may not do this. He states that:

Yet other browser makers have delivered their products on XP, and those products usually perform better than Microsoft’s browser. Perhaps IE9 will truly outperform the competition, but it’s not quite fair to compare the early IE9 beta to the shipping and stable products already available from others.

The bottom line comes down to this: if your company plans to stay with XP well into 2011 and you’re still using IE6, you’ve got to upgrade that browser. Knowing that IE9 won’t support XP, you can safely move to IE8 knowing it’s the end of the line for IE on XP. Or, you can move to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera — but a company that’s still stuck on IE6 isn’t likely to be that adventurous. The web developers of the world will be happy with anything that gets you off IE6.

How about changing the title of the article and putting the blame where it belongs? The blame is on those who choose to stick with Internet Explorer 6, and not the users of Windows XP. Both my middle daughter and her son have computers that still use Windows XP, which they love. Both, however, use the latest edition of Firefox as their main browser.

Just because Microsoft has chosen not to allow users of XP the right to upgrade to IE 9 does not mean that the sky is falling! LOL

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