I have been trying out DuckDuckGo for some time now. Since April, anyway. And, everything considered, it has been a generally positive experience. Unlike every other Google alternative I have tried, I have found that my query results during my usage period have been fantastic.

From the beginning, I loved the open nature of the search engine and how its developer(s) genuinely seem interested in what the end user is looking for. Again, major props there.

Now for the downside. I am not a huge fan of the need to type a ! in front of functions like “news” to arrive at a page that is no longer at DuckDuckGo. Small potatoes over all, but a big enough deal that it’s worth mentioning. I would much rather have a news tab that I can click, which then syndicates from Google, Yahoo!, etc. This way I don’t have to leave the search engine to read news headlines.

That said, everything else is VERY good. If it weren’t a matter of needing Google for various SEO needs, I would likely be using DuckDuckGo exclusively at this point just to show my support for the effort. Nicely done — nicely done, indeed.

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