The idea that Apple would let Facebook become integrated into iPhone OS 4 is quite surprising. With the recent news about all the security issues with Facebook, it’s unbelievable that Apple may even consider letting the social network be directly part of the OS software.

However, Facebook is one of the most consistently used applications from the App Store. So it would probably be to Apple’s benefit in terms of user interface.

The report also said:

Our source tells us that Apple is at least going to build Facebook contact syncing directly into the iPhone software, so you can pull Facebook contacts into your iPhone’s phonebook. This is a no-brainer, and is already a feature that some of Apple’s competition offers, so it makes sense to include on the iPhone.

Contact integration would be a smart move for Apple, considering that many Facebook users now include their mobile number in their profiles. This will prevent iPhone customers from having to track their friend down and get a number from them directly, instead, allowing them to check the friend’s number via Facebook.

Other rumours suggest that Apple could also be including Facebook Connect in its software development kit, allowing programmers to ad Facebook social tools to their applications. This would be a huge bonus for Facebook, as it will let them have access to an application market of thousands.

A I mentioned earlier, because of recent news of security flaws in Facebook, I suspect Apple will be fairly strict on what Facebook is and isn’t allowed to do.