One of the interesting things about the Internet that makes it different from the way you use your desktop operating system is the fact that most online activity consists of a single click. While using our operating systems, we double-click all the time for a variety of reasons in order to get things done, but when’s the last time that you double-clicked on something online? I’m sure you probably can’t even remember when that was. Even though we’ve been trained to use one mouse click on the Internet, that doesn’t mean that the double-click has no use online. Quiqee enables you to add double-click functionality to your site so that you can offer more features and potentially even make some money.

This tool is easy to add to your site, and once you do that, when a visitor double-clicks on or highlight some text, a menu will appear that offers them the ability to use that text to search for news, tweets, images, videos, and much more. Not only is this useful, but the ability to integrate your AdSense information makes it worth your attention financially, as well. It’s time to get that clicking finger ready for more of a workout.