Mandriva Linux, born as Mandrake, was the first Linux distribution that made an effort to be palatable to the Windows user. I remember using it back when it was called Mandrake, and thinking how much I liked it. It did things like make networking connections possible for the novice, and was also a very visually acceptable distribution.

Now it may be (once again, because we’ve been here before) the last of days for the distribution, if no one steps up to buy the product –

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In case you are using Mandriva, the once popular Linux distribution, you might be interested in knowing that the French company is now up for sale. According to Mandriva Linux Online, the firm is in deep financial trouble and getting sold is the next best option to total closure. I’m sure there are still many Mandriva fans out there and they wouldn’t like the distribution to disappear.


Mandriva is said to have made the decision more than a month ago and has been looking for potential buyers since. Two firms made serious bids for Mandriva, or were at least interested in acquiring it. One is London-based LightApp, a firm that creates thin client like solutions for cheap computing, and the other is Linagora.

Linagora is a French company that creates open-source software. In a follow up post, Linagora is said to have confirmed that it’s going to acquire the company and discussions are underway for the acquisition of part of the assets of Mandriva.

Mandriva’s financial problems go back a couple of years ago, but apparently things turned for the worse this year. There is no official word till now, but it can be only be hoped that the current line of Mandriva products will continue to be supported even after the sale.

Though the article says the sale is certain, I’ve learned that things seldom proceed so quickly, and easily. When we see a new notice on the website, or a change of name with the acknowledgement of the lineage, we will know for sure.


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