Firefox has been a bit disappointing lately. It runs fine on some platforms, is slow as snot on others, and it lacks the consistent experience it once had. This has brought myself and others over to the side of other browsers for a smoother experience as, clearly, Firefox was not addressing stability and speed issues on select platforms.

But now it appears there might be hope — Firefox 4. Empowered by a new HTML parser, improved HTML 5 support, and other improved technology under the hood, we may finally see Firefox catching up with Chrome and Opera.

Despite any shortcomings I have experienced, the fact is that most Windows users are happy as clams with Firefox. It’s those on OS X and Linux that are tired of the poor experience due to simple settings and lousy setup schemes. I believe that the eventual release of Firefox 4 is in a position to fix many of these things, but I fear that the backwards caching issue, among others, may still go unanswered.  Firefox still has issues with hanging and I can only assume that, eventually, we’ll see this problem come to an end. But don’t take my word for it, just Google it for further examples.

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