Around two months ago Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for violating 20 patents, now HTC is hitting back and hitting back hard. HTC is now claiming that Apple has violated five of HTC’s patents, asking the ITC (International Trade Commission) to ban the import and sale of all iPads, iPhones, and iPods that break these patents in the US.

To make a long story short, a couple of months ago, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC over 20 patent violations in its smartphone division, focusing on the Android phone, which is basically trying to take an indirect swipe Google. A little time after Apple’s announcement, HTC announced that it had a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft for its Android phones, so HTC is paying Microsoft to license technology Microsoft has patents on; which seems odd, given their tight relationship via Windows Phone. So far Google hasn’t chimed in on this subject at all, with what we can only guess is that it does not want to get involved.

Today, however, HTC is hitting back hard at Apple with over five patents that relate to power management, phone dialer, and memory.

It’s requesting that the ITC halt the sale and import of all iPad, iPhones, and iPods that break the patents. This might seem like a weird request, but it is standard with patent violations. Don’t be afraid, you can still buy your Apple products, if Apple finds that the ITC grants the ban, HTC and Apple will most likely announce joint licensing and drop the suits.