Back on March 31, 2009 I wrote an article ‘Who’s Using A Kodak Printer? Opinions Needed,’ in the hope of finding out how well these printers functioned. I was in the market for purchasing a new printer and what originally intrigued me was the thought, according to the Kodak ads, of cheap ink. Having been an HP printer person since Windows was still DOS, I don’t even want to think about how much money I have sent to HP to line the pockets of its corporate executives.! So when I asked for opinions, I was hoping to get positive responses. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Since writing the original article [linked below] there have been about 110 comments with the bulk being anything but flattering. There appear to be issues with the print heads needing replacement often and also issues with Kodak technical support. Again, I do not own a Kodak printer myself so I can only pass on what others are saying. You can read the comments and make an informed decision for yourself.

Kodak is in the process of offering a new model, the 7250 All-In-One printer, that offers some advanced features at a reasonable price of $166.99 for pre-sale on A Crunchgear article states:

The cost of ink is also excellent for this printer. At $9.99 for black and white and $17.99 for color is pretty great. The print outs weren’t absolutely stellar but they were sufficiently sharp and crisp with a fresh ink cartridge.

Crunchgear ended with this ‘Bottom Line’:

Kodak tried stuff a lot of power into a small package. It’s an impressive printer but they did cut corners on the resolution of the 2.4-inch LCD. As I mentioned before, I’ve seen sharper prints from other, more expensive printers, but if you’re looking for something that’s inexpensive, you’re going to do just fine with this thing.

I took a look for any comments about this model, and there was one from a person who had tested a pre-sale test model and was impressed with the results. She stated that:

My family was lucky enough to get one of these printers to test for a few months. We had to send the test printer back yesterday but I’m putting my own on order today. The print quality and speed are incredible, the printer design is sleek and highly functional and the supplies are cheap compared to the dinky HP deskjet we had been using. I found the Kodak technical support unparalleled, especially compared to HP, and Canon. Kodak even built in a photo help center for photo editing, and printing. I did all 100 Christmas photo cards only with this software, and I used less than one black and one color cartridge. The Wireless function is great; my husband could print from his Windows work laptop and my daughter printed from her MacBook files from her room. We didn’t know you could print from an iPod touch, but she’ll get the free app to print from that. I didn’t get paid to write this, but you ought to know what a cool printer it is (I am not a techie, just a mom).

It should be interesting to see what others will have to say about this new model once it is released for mass consumption.

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