There should be an image here!So 32 bit was heralded as the way for technology to come forward and, as time passes, technology evolves. As we all know, for applications to get better and better we need more powerful machines that are more advanced; so most new computers that are £700+ come with 64 bit instead of 32 bit, which is a godsend for us.

With speculation that a new 64 bit Mac/MacBook range will be released later this year, we’re all looking at what this increase can enable us to do that was not possible before. The point of the matter is that 128 bit will be the next evolution of computing, however would be too powerful with 340.3 undecillion bytes allowed. By this point, there is no doubt that Microsoft will discontinue 32 bit support for Windows, so many people with budget computers will be left with Windows 7 for rest of their computers’ lives. Windows 8 (code name), as well as software development companies such as Adobe, will most likely phase out 32 bit support in their new products in around 3/4 years’ time and will only support 64 bit natively. This will, I hope, kill off the low end computers that, I believe, are holding back development of new, amazing products.

What do you think?

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