Facebook has, to be blunt, been burning bridges at a speed faster than I could have ever imagined. From its attitude on privacy, to it just being unable to provide a secure environment for people to use its site, at just about every turn, Facebook has been a big bucket of disappointment for those who value their privacy and security.

Thankfully, a number of alternatives are finally beginning to crop up. Among the most notable would have to be OneSocialWeb. While it’s still very much under development, it is already showing signs of catching up with some of the core Facebook functionality. With status updates, commenting on friend statuses, and photo sharing, it’s pretty cool.

So will we see Facebook being dethroned any time soon? Not with a straight across clone, no. I see this as coming down to the marketing Law of First. Facebook was first and a straight across clone, even with added benefits, may not be enough to really matter.

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