We’re more connected now than we’ve ever been before. If we’re not connected with a friend on one social network, then we’re probably connected with them on another one. Social networks like Facebook enable users to see what their friends are doing and saying, but improvements can always be made in the way that this information is displayed. If you’re a big user of Facebook, then you’ll want to check out The Hotlist because it helps you to quickly find out what’s going on with your friends in your area.

Not only will you see what your Facebook friends are planning on doing, but the information will also be displayed on a map to give you a geographical idea of what’s going on. When looking at events and venues, The Hotlist provides even more details like how big the crowd will be and what the guy to girl ratio is. All of this information in combination with real-time tweets from people at the venues will help you to discover new places and get social away from the computer.