Pocket Pond for the iPad is, not surprisingly, a virtual pond that can… well, it’s for the iPad so it really won’t be fitting in anyone’s pockets. It is a free download with an option to upgrade if you want to do things like fish in the pond or some other trivial things. Other than the upgrades, you really just have a virtual fish pond.

This doesn’t sound that great and if you are over the age of six it would probably just be something to download for a quick laugh — it would then be quickly deleted in order to save space. The age thing is important. Children love this type of application. My son was mesmerized by the fact that he could touch the water and have it move and make splashing sounds. He liked watching the fish swim around and scatter when he hit the water. To make it even better, the app supports, by my count, five points of contact at a time. That may not seem like a big deal but when a very young child, in this case under two, starts touching the screen with his whole hand and the app responds without any weirdness it makes for a more enjoyable experience — it also makes for a more stable application.

Is this an app I’ll be keeping? Yes. I’m keeping it because it will be a useful tool in keeping my 21-month-old son happy and distracted when he gets a little too excited or fussy and he needs something to focus on.

If you have a child and an iPad, you should get this app; if you don’t, then you can probably pass this one up.